Sasa Spasic

Inspiring innovation and supporting clients reach their vision through business design and tailored consulting.

The business of the future needs more than exceptional marketing and customer experience. The whole ecosystem around it needs to be able to think beyond the obvious and create a unique business experience.

Unleash your hidden potential and let us grow together!


Business sculptor, passionate about exploring new perspectives and inspire brands to create meaningful experiences by introducing them to the business of purpose.

Always striving to enhance processes and craft unique practices that will let you focus on business essentials and outsmarting the competition. Whether you provide a product or service to your customers one simple idea, small change or missing piece could transform your business.

Indispensable skills crafted through independent investing and eighteen years of diverse experience in setting up and reinventing various business models. Get ready for your journey to a future-proof business endorsed with tailored consulting.

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Bx will become a gold standard. It is a significant mindset shift, and we believe that over the years to come will be an incredible engine for meaningful disruption, market differentiation and customer satisfaction.

—Baiju Shah

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